Generating a random seed at every bang

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to vvvv, and was wondering if there was a node that would enable me to generate a random seed (for randomspread) every time a bang iobox was triggered.
I need this for a patch I’m working on for uni, in which a blob of lines changes shape each time the beat-detector gives out a value of 0.51, to which I’ve added an add value node so that it comfortably reaches 1 and triggers the iobox.
Any ideas, or alternative approaches you could share?
Thank you xx

yo jfreckle,

Check out Random (Value) : if you set Is Integer to true, crank up the Scale pin and bang the Enabled pin, you’ll get a random int at each bang.

oh and vvvvelcome by the way!

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Or if you just need randomized but deterministic output, you can use counter set to unlimited to count one up on each beat and use that as the seed for randomspread

Thank you very much to you both! Sunep, I couldn’t quite get your method to work, but I blame my own inexperience haha
The patch turned out quite lovely, it resembles a constellation chart that changes at every beat, hopefully my tutor will be impressed.
Thank you vvvvery(?) much for the warm welcome, all the best xx

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