Generate audio tones in VVVV

Hallo !

is there any way to generate a precise audio frequence, with sinus or square form in VVVV ? its somethig easely possible in pure data or max, as they are sound oriented, but in VVVV ?


install VAudio and use Osc (VAudio Source)

thanks sunep, but have you got a link to vaudio ?

thanks a lot sunep !

ok, interresting a lot :)

any way to have visualisation of the audio signal generated with the OSC node ?

in what way do you want to visualize it? scientific? like frequency spectrum and waveform or in a creative way?

Hello tonfilm, in a Technical way: seeing precisely the shape of the tone generated

Like scope for dshow… I can’t remember if there is a scope node for VAudio.

yes there is one. in the attached patch you can see it working together with the FFT node, you need to set the buffersize according to the frequency if you want to have a steady view on the waveform though:

Oscillator Test.v4p (31.3 kB)

thanks a lot tonfilm, now i can go on… :)

any doc or tutorial to understand the vaudio functions and philosophy ???

hum… could that be doable with only OSC node ?