Generalist / Designer / VVVV workhorse looking for jobs in Berlin

Hi poeple!

So, something has broken in me during my last Berlin visit and I am really thinking about moving to Berlin. This is however a big decision, I am operating as freelancer in Slovakia and Czechia, and moving to Berlin feels like starting all over, so in order to go there I would like to have some position / long term project for at least year or two guaranteed. I do not have any other motivation for going to Berlin apart for feeling stale in Bratislava, there are not many people that do things like I do, and it really fills me with motivation to see great installations and performances when in Berlin, so this is me testing the waters for what I could to there. This is where I am. And what I have to offer is:


  • around 8 years experience with vvvv
  • Blender is my second home
  • worked on AR projects and Gamedev in Unity, (got price for visuals in Bratislava Game Jam), light C# experiences
  • love working with sound - Ableton + Reaktor + Vvvv audio engine
  • Often work with photography and video
  • Thousands of hours of tedious work in Illustrator


  • I studied performance /video /conceptual art on AFAD, Bratislava, which gives me big need for things that are interesting inside, not just pretty
  • worked for commercial company for big clients like AEG / Bosh / Siemens, mostly creative installations for IFA etc. - learned to do budgets, and never miss a deadline
  • love working in teams, if its theater or brainstorming for installation for company, I like bouncing ideas around the room with other people
  • Have been organizing my own events for around 8 years, because when i wanted to see something specific in Bratislava, I just made it happen myself
  • Worked a lot with space, which is essential to mapping, I focus a lot on building 3d model of real space, understanding how people move, how to make them move where I want - to and hijack their senses and inject some experience.

I truly am generalist and I love spending more time on working with ideas and higher level structures, rather then implementing low level technologies - budgeting (but only sadist can love doing that), research, concepting, preparation of models, animations, sound, getting it all together in Vvvv or Unity and then finally documentation and promotion

That also means i am gravitating towards visual coding languages, I do not often work with written language, but I can pickup something when i need to without problem. I worked mostly with C# and in three.js, but I always fall back to visual languages when i need to move to another project.

biggest points of my 2017

So let me know if you know of some timespace that could motivate me to get into Berlin, and provide me with some base to live off.

let me know on

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Thanks! I will try to hit them with this in email.

Go for it StiX, you’ll be fine and succeed in Berlin in no time…

impressive CV!!! good luck !!!

We are also hiring in Volkswagen Future Center Europe in Potsdam.
Most of our team lives in Berlin though.