GDI MemoryLeak

After a long search in a quite large patch i was able to locate a memoryleak within the PerfMeter module.

i could isolate a little more:
see appached Tatch

GDIMemoryLeak.v4p (2.2 kB)

some time ago i made some EX9 based Perfmeter modules, but they are a little bit massive :)

PerfMeter (Debug EX9).zip (40.3 kB)

ai kalle,

running your simple patch here i don’t see any memory increase. can you confirm that on different pcs?

if i remember correctly we had a related problem years ago, but it only occured on a view pcs and we didn’t find any cause for the trouble.

j’adore :)

jo reg!

i can confirm this patch having a memoryleak on at least two different pcs around here.
but i also can confirm that i found one pc without that leak.

on my laptop it leaks with 21/22/23.

on our boygroupserver running a massive patch the leak was “bigger”
that means the “leaking steps” increasing the memory usage have been always something about 300-400kB or even more.

with a fresh started vvvv and only the patch from above the steps are smaller, but memory usage still increased by 6mB while writing this answer…

no memory leak here. x86 XP. Q9650

the one without leak here is also XP
the others are Windows 7 64bit

all NVidia

no leak windows 7 x86 Q9650, no 64bit windows 7 sorry. Nice pref meter BTW. thanks