Gamme editor UI glitches with nested definitions

I’m seeing weird UI glitches on some patches with nested definitions
Specifically static operations have a light background color and regions are darker or more transparent.

I’m in the default dark theme but it also looks screwed up in the light theme.

Seeing this in
4.12 stable

To reproduce
Open the attached .vl file go to definitions and navigate through the processes.
Definitions nested at layers 3 and 4 have these glitches.
From 5 it seems back to normal
I dare not go deeper.

GammaUIBug.vl (17.1 KB)

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As to why I’m using nested definitions at these levels I’m trying out a new organisation approach.

Inspired by Private functions in other programming languages, if I intend to use an operation/process in only one context I’m defining it right there where I need it.
I found I was spending time trying to create organisation for definitions in the parallel definition structure when many of those definitions were only used once, so the best organisation for them was right where they were used.

IF I run into a performance problem with too many nodes on a patch (Can happen with many big static operations) then I move them to own definition context.

I put a little prefix p so if I try to call the function in another context I remember ‘oh yeah that’s meant to be private’ and I can move it to a more appropriate place.

Figure I can use the symbol finder if I lose something.

Just a trial, maybe I run into some drawbacks later but so far works nice.

Although practical, I’d advise against too many local definitions because their undo history gets added to the patch in which they are defined. So you might press undo in a patch, and nothing happens “visually” but you have undone something in a patch deeper inside. if you keep every definition on the definition side, this cannot happen.

See also:

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@tonfilm thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep an eye out for it

@bjoern I did search first but guess I missed that. You are the OG Bug Report Originator