GammaLauncher check compatibility feature

I have a suggestion to return as in the good old setup.exe (ex crack.exe) check for compatibility with the system and installed .NET SDK / Runtime

dotnet --list-sdks
dotnet --list-runtimes

Knowing what is installed on the system and what is needed to export can sometimes be a mystery. Especially for new users

Maybe it is worth to create a feature request topic for GammaLauncher?
Or does it already exist and I miss it?

Latest not-anounced-yet GammaLauncher can be installed via Winget, which takes care of installing .NET6.

Otherwise, vvvv.exe installer should also install the required .NET6 itself.

Glad to hear that!

Which .NET 6 should be considered the most preferable for each version?
I’m going to guess that the older Runtime might be causing the bugs.
So there is a risk of installing .NET once and not updating until it becomes a problem.

In general, it is as if it is unknown on which SDK Gamma is developed and accordingly the specific minimum version of the Runtime / SDK. Maybe this is even a more global issue than just related to GammaLauncher

Although I agree that I may be overly concerned about it, and in reality it’s really up to the user’s control.

Our installer installs the .NET SDK 6.0.403 currently. The SDK installer also takes care of installing the .NET 6 runtime. Installing a newer version locally shouldn’t be an issue, as long as it’s .NET 6.
In our next release we most likely will move to .NET 8, but that will be announced in our changelog / release post when that happens.

If you export an application with vvvv, then you need to take care that .NET 6 is also installed on the target machine. See Exporting Applications | vvvv gamma documentation for the requirements.


In the case of existing .NET from previous versions, will the installer install the newer SDK?
Is only the Runtime installed or the SDK as well?

Like with students I had to install the SDK separately (for export), but maybe that was just an unnecessary procedure. Also encountered a strange incompatibility with a student where the latest version SDK was installed, but an error occurred when exporting (something about dotnet incompatibility)