Gamma new user feedback

Dear Devvvs,

first MERCI for this beautifull and elegant interface. This appeals and helps concentrate. Really bravo.

i didnt followed VL when it becames inside Béta.
So i m not used neither to interface, neither to way to patch with it, and concepts behind.

Here is my little first impression and encounter with the Intro patch:

  • The help should show first simple tutorial examples (skia for example). Some basics categories, with efficiant patchs samples: fading / transforming images (fix or camera), launching sounds and fading, receiving emitting midi, osc, artnet, using sliders and buttons

  • It would be very tricky to have a step by step demo showing each manipulation : seeing the mouse moving, some legend showing basic manipulations, and helping to understand HOW to patch with it. i m sure that this coul be achieved inside GAMMA

  • VL navigation is quite obscur ( i opened by right click a renderer, and as usual with VL, i dont get it to go away from there ) there is a need to have a clear simple explanation or video about this interface. I think this is the main thing in fact. the interface first

  • loose of VVVV beta shortcuts (especially F1 and alt-1 2 3) is really a missing thing for a VVVV patcher. Could be great to keep same shortcuts, and help to get more VVVV users to it.

Voilà !
Thank you for this release. I will take time to learn it :)

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