Gamma EXE - crash with XML-Reader

hello again

when an exported XMLreader gets no XML file but the “Read” pin triggered -> EXE will crash!Ahk1df51ZFJov9tDBW6G-APTXEy13Q?e=Xheg3X

Here is an export Gamma2.2) form HowTo_Read_XML.vl
delete the XMLFile and start EXE again - see a nice Silent Crash

greets CeeYaa

Error dialog should popup again in new builds (>= 2020.2.3-0300). You can find such a preview build here

Thanks for staying persistent on this issue.

THX the Silent Crashes are gone - and the “Exception Dialog” tell me that there is a Problem with the reading of a XML file - as I expected

But joreg told me that the EXE shouldn’t crash when the XML-Reader doesn’t find a correct XML File - that’s why I did this report


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