Gamma Editor doesn't update correctly

After having an exception in the document fixed, editor still draws some nodes and links black, even it’s already running after the pause. After F8-F5 get’s back to normal.

also experienced something similar in preview 458 : the patch would be in Paused state (||) but the Elementa UI in my Renderer would still react properly.

Thanks, this should be fixed in upcoming builds.

Hm not good, maybe the upper bug-fix solves your issue as well, but not sure, couldn’t reproduce that state / never saw it locally. So if you see it again please report.

In general you might wonder what causes these regressions of things which worked fine for a long time - we recently added a new feature where you can now patch plugins for the editor (help browser, settings, etc. are done that way). That change required the removal of certain assumptions in the code base ultimately leading to issues as reported here. Sorry for that and thanks for your patience.


sure, will report if I see that again. thanks for the insight!

… and that editor plugin thing sounds amazing! can’t wait to see that!

Hi @Elias, I’m experiencing a very strange behavior of the editor with prev-483. It’s even hard to describe in steps.
So I’m always using “pause on error” feature, and in certain point I realize that application is paused but it’s not shown anyhow. Sometimes it shows up (the pause state of the editor) only when you switch the tab, and then it’s never recovers - application is not updating even after F8-F5.

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