Gamepad update

hi, would be great if the gamepad input node could be updated to the new pad-generation, which have 2 joysticks and no throttle anymore.


would something like this work with thee xisting joistick nodes:


could be a cool wireless controller possibilty.

i am using the logitech cordless rumble pad II. has the best look and feel and 8m is no problem including a wall. using a gamepad for live visuals frees me from hiding behind my computer and its possible to participate the crowd and feeling, looking directly to the big projection…so please…give us the additional 2 axis :)


ah sorry, no answer. i am shure it works but the right mini joystick. i am able to get 1 axis of this using the gamedevice analog node in addition to the gamedevice ms freestyle…

i agree the joystick nodes are quite inflexible right now and this has to be changed. things like might be able to do a quirky workaround for the time being

dns, the idea of being in the crown instead behind the laptop is cool. if its possible to drive more than one joypad one could made a partyvisualgame :)

have you ever tried to use 2 of those pads at the same time?

one of the guys (andi) has build a “visual game” with virtools. quit nice and also controlled with wireless gamepad.

yes, 2 gamepads is no problem. i have used two different ones but similar should work too. just open 2 gamepad nodes and choose the appropriate pad there.

my next step is mounting a wireless spycam with nightvision on my hat, serving me 2 live streams (the second comes from a dv cam via firewire). the only problem is my new box, which refuses to play any video right now…seems to be a directshow problem and is discribed in the bugs forum under videotexture.


also it would be nice to easily adress the rumbler on a gamepad…

dns, i got my two saitek joypads and im able to use it in vvvv but just one at the same time, dont really know what it is, but on the driver side both are working.

but for some reasons i was able to get input from BOTH analog sticks, and nearly all buttons, with a combination from the two joystick nodes: GameController AND GameController (Devices Analog)(Devices MS FreestylePro).

@ampop: that stuff looks really really awsome! is he still working on it?