Game controller missing buttons and axis


can someone confirm that
the left buttons (arrows : up/Left/Dwn/Right)
and BY axis (second Y analog) doesn’t work
on standard USB and PS2 gamepad?

the leftside buttons seems to be shared with the
left analog X/Y joystick?

not exactly sure what you mean? do you mean not work in general? or not work in vvvv?

note that there are 3 nodes you can try to get all data of a joystick. it is ugly, but sometimes you’ll have to use them all:

GameController (Devices Analog)
GameController (Devices MSFreeStylePro)
GameController (Devices JoyWarrior)

i can confirm that the mentioned buttons & axes actually work. although, like joreg said, you might have to use all of the GameController nodes to get them. if i remember correctly, the digipad appears as a coolie hat, and 2 of the buttons on the ps2 dualshock controller (select and one other) remain inaccessible.

this might also depend on the mappings of your ps2usb-adapter, though.

i’ve try to merge the 3 GameController devices
but the digipad(4 butts) and the 2 push buttons on the analog joysticks are missing …and i only get 3 axis on the 4…
the coolie Hat & Wheel pin on the GameController (Devices MSFreeStylePro) doesn’t send anything for me :(

when i use plogue bidule or windows game controller panel
…all the buttons and axis are recognized…
perhaps my ps2/usb adapter is not full compatible
with vvvv?(EMS : hkems)

perhaps writing a plugin(dll) like for the wiimote (great one!!!)
can solve some of these issues?
what do you think?