Gallery Button and Gallery Grid

would it be possible to have the headlines “gallery” and “news” be interactive buttons and lead to the right blog ?

why do i have to click blog and doubleclick the filter in order to see the whole vvvv gallery ? the frontpage should lead with one click to the gallery/news or not ?

or did i miss something obvious ?

hi u7angel, yes you’re probably right. What do you think of a “more” link at the end of each column? That might be even more obvious. A link on the headline might not be as easy to spot for.

yep, that would be nice. or you could call it “view all” or have both options…headline and something at the bottom

edit: and while talking about the gallery, i quite like the grid view of the processing exhibition for better overview. joregs call to document more projects in the gallery made me think why i’m not using the gallery so much anymore and i came to the conclusion that accessibilty and overview of projects is not optimal.

i know its probably lots of work, just want to share my thoughts

ok I added the links.

I think we’ll consider your proposed changes to the gallery, I’ll talk to joreg about it, and we’ll see what we can come up with.

that was quick. nicely done.

bump. i cite myself here

is this still on the table, i remember joreg said you guys are thinking bout it…