FXAA Post Process Injection Tool


Sounds like an interesting idea. Looks like they use a modified d3d9.dll to inject high performance shaders behind the actual render chain. It is ment to make new games on old machines shine, they claim that their methods are faster than most of the ingame shaders.

I tried it and it basicly “activates” when I startup vvvv.exe from its main directory, opening a renderer window by itself. The log.log tells me: “redirecting CreateDevice”. Would be nice if there is a chance to get this working.

In general it could be interesting to add patch independant postprocessing.

there is really no need for injection as we have the the very nice fxaa(texturefx) node which is courtesy of none other than unc and smash. so we have industry gold standard fxaa built right into our vvvvavourite tool. ;)

without digging into it, isn’t it necessary to have the geometry data for antialiasing? why does it work with a texture? whats the use case?

Sorry for the late answer. For modern render techniques like deferred rendering/shading one can’t use the hardware antialiasing without doing another forward pass. (which is quite expensive on the vertextransform side) So people looked for alternatives starting out with simple edgeblurring (like in my ssao contribution), MLAA, FXAA and other techniques.