Fx and Feedback Chain


I’m trying to achieve something like this:


I’m aware of the porting tool from shadertoy to hlsl, but I’d like to do this kind of stuff through filter chains and feedback, noise, turbulence etc.
I’d like to keep the whole thing it modular, not just a shader.

I found this contribution:

And already tried to modify it but it seems I’m missing some of the logic behind this. I’m new to this kind of process. Same goes for the reaction diffusion contribution.
My question is, are there any other examples I can toy with and study? And try to better understand the logic of these chains? Or can someone point me in the right direction? That’d be greatly appreciated.

hello ectrome,

i’d start with installing the DX11 pack and follow this intro video:

it explains how to setup a texture fx shader. the dataflow of the textures can be patched and a feedback created with a FrameDelay node.

does this help? or are you already past this stage?

Hi tonfilm,
Yeah, I’m already in Dx11 and I’ve a good understanding of texture stuff, the basics of how this work is not my problem. I’m struggling with the process or order of effects that I should follow in order to achieve something similar to what I’ve posted.
I’ve a really basic understanding of shader code, If I look through the shadertoy code I can “see” only where the whole process begins and how it ends, everything in between is not very clear to me. Thats what I’m trying to understand/learn.
I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear in my first post.

If you think you mainly want to learn to understand shader coding better, then I simply recommend a book on the long run and maybe a more coding oriented tutorial series in the internet

The things you are looking into right now, are definately not the easiest to begin with.

However your idea of breaking it down to a node set for modular patching of such flow-like shaders, is nice.

Obviously vectorfields are the right address for you.

@everyoneishappy did an amazing contribution with Field Trip, where you find a lot of vectorfield related nodes!

@tekor thanks for the shout

@ectrome if you’re interested to play with feedback in texture FX chains I’d probably rather recommend this for some examples:

Hi @tekcor thank you for your suggestions! I’ll take a look into FieldTrip as soon as I can. I’m already reading some book about shader but curiosity always get the best of me.
In the meantime I managed to get a better understanding of this kind of workflow. I’m lacking all the complex math that is involved in most of the cases I’m looking at, since is not my background, but now I’ve a better -empirical- grasp of what each buffer does.

Maybe porting some the complex buffer functions into singles fx shaders could be a way to go, but I’m stil far from that point. I’m sadly aware of the complexity of this.

@everyoneishappy thank you! I didn’t know about this contribution!

@ectrome you can just try out different combinations of existing shaders … playful nature of the nodes helps you skip on the math if you want

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