Futurelight usb2dmx box supported?

i have this Futurelight usb2dmx box + application called X-Control.
it also comes with a different version of dashard.dll than the one from rodin
i get ‘driver error’ message from the dmx node if i put it in the /bin/
would this box be somehow usable with vvvv ?

try to put the dashard.dll right next to the vvvv.exe, NOT into the /bin/.

of course you have to restart vvvv

if still without success see @karistouf’s userpage… and search for littlecat or littlemouse :)

if it doesn t work as dashard, set it as sunlite suidi-6C.

i promise , if i found time after arduino / artnet work , to try to code some plug ins for open dmx and suidi 6C

for now, i had the rodin come around but thanks for the tips
im having one more question
i use pipet to read some colors and send them over dmx to rgb-y led bars
regarding rgb to rgby conversion, i found this formula:

comp = 0;  
min = min(R,G)  
Y = (R - min) + (G - min);  
R -= min * comp;  
G -= min * comp;

im not sure what -= means but anyway here is the patch,
does it make sense in this case ?


RGBY (Color Split).v4p (7.1 kB)

why dont you just send R G B outputed from pipett ? the intensity is already contained in addition of R G B.
Usually Led device will not show anything for a Black:
R: 0 G: 0 B:0 Intensity : 255

or are you using 16bits LEDS ?

i think there is an additional yellow led, he wants to calculate

cmj leds or is it the green information, that usually is outputed from global minus r+b ?


i assume that analog to HLSL

R -= min * comp;


R = R - (min * comp);

furthermore i assume that your “Yellow” is more like an “Amber”.

attached is an approach of mine for a RGBAW device (means : RGB+Amber+White)

too lazy to go into details now, sorry, see attachment…

RGBAW (Color).zip (13.5 kB)

yes, the lamp has a fourth yellow/amber led
i will test this conversion method, found here

RGBY (Color Split).v4p (8.8 kB)

learning every day ! thanks