Fuse Particles emiters question

Hello guys
I am slowly moving to Fuse and there are a few things I would like to do and I would love some advice on how to start them
First of all, PLY importer its working great for me, so I don´t need to re do the sequential reader to avoid vvvv to crash. I wont be getting this “chunk” effect

but I would love to achieve this kind of effects

where a point cloud is loaded and modified due to attractors or forces

I was able to get the point cloud data as a spread of values from the PLY node, but I am not sure how to use the buffers from there

With the GetFromBuffer nodes I can make a buffer to make it render on a probability emitter, but that’s a lots of particles, It works with the bunny file, but I am dealing with 100mb files… I wan to read just the exact amount of particles… what emiter should I use ?

I would love to achive something like this

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I can do it like this, but I am not sure how to add any fuse mods like curlnoise to this chain

Hey! You can use compute stage for it. There is an example.
_PLY.vl (49.0 KB)

Do you have any idea how change buffers from one ply system to another?

Hey @Zelesha thanks for the reply
Let me know if this is correct, can you upload your plyreader vl document… and the ply file that you used ?
I am not getting nothing by doing this

VL.IO.PLY_Fuse.vl (418.0 KB)
I think you do it right. But you can check my example. I’ve used apply transform for changing scale and position in renderer

Is it possible, given a pointclud data read

yes. I used this examples:

But it maybe too heavy

Example from github converter works too