Funny bug with dx11 renders and docking

Have module with dx11 render window inside, if i copy paste that module i can’t undock renderers anymore. For a second thay got undocked but then thay stick together again

Alt+click and drag on the side of the tab label

:) ghm, i’ve would not call this resolved lol
weather i’m doing something wrong, but as esnho mentioned alt-drag on side
same with dx9 renderers latest alpha

ah, misunderstood that at first. ok, well i’m afraid that is by design. position of renderers is saved in their parent-patch. therefore you can’t have two different renderer-positions for two identical subpatches see?

ran in to this while was trying to patch automated vlc player, so u can drag n drop files and mark player to run whole dir, but Dir (File Advance) not spreadable normal Dir causes lag… in the end fixed it during performance… And still not satisfied with solution… Wanna have dynamic amount of textures with dynamic routing to a pin i need… pain and misery…