Fullscreen video problem

weird problem… when the renderer is in window mode the video i’m using as a texture plays fine but when i switch to fullscreen it’s jerky.

i’m using an ati x800 card , latest driver etc. / i’m working on the still frame method described in the documentation but anyway…i’d like to know what’s causing the problem with the avi in fullscreen. cheeers !

set waitforframe on the videotexture to something like 100 (default is 0).
this will most probably do the trick.

ok…problem solved
i already tried ‘waitforframe’ but not such a high value…100 seems to be ok
thank you !

wait for frame specifies how many milliseconds vvvv will wait up until it gets the next video frame from directshow. vvvv is using windows directshow as its internal video playback system. windows gives user programs (like vvvv) a higher priority as its own video playback subsystem, therefore, if vvvv does not wait it will consume to many cpu cycles, and directshow will get to less - your video might stutter.

the wait for frame pin allows you to slow down vvvv, so directshow gets enough time to deliver the video. if you have a 25fps movie, therefore you should set waitforframe to at least 1/25s = 0.04s = 40ms. anything larger will do as well, and we will make this a default sometime soon…

thanks for the explaination.