Fullscreen video plays sometimes well sometimes jerky

Hi all.
I am trying to loop two synchronized fullscreen videos. The videos are encoded with trusty PIC m-jpeg video codec and run on 30 fps. Projectors are set to 60Hz and basically everything is running very smooth.

Now: After a while one or both videos start to play more jerky. It is not a huuuge jerk but still visible. I’m not sure if this occurs in regular time intervals or somehow linked to the start/end of the videos which is when they get synced via “do seek”. Probably it is not because the loop is managed quite well most of the time. Banging the videos to the same position even seems to stop the jerking for a while.

The videotexture shows me that the videos are played back very close to steady 30 fps. also they do not get un-synced very much (1 frame maximum).

I’ve tried:

  • to change the mainloop (60 or 30, filtered etc.) but this didn’t change to the good.
  • to decrease the resolution of the video. no improvement.
  • to play around with “wait for N frame”. “1” works best there.

according to the FAQs DirectShow video playback under windows has a very low priority by default. Can I change that?

any other ideas?

Boost (VVVV) with enabled = -1 may help you a bit further.

just had to playback a full hd video with 50 fps.