Fullscreen suggestion

I’ve more or less given up on using fullscreen mode most of the time - it’s so temperamental, I can’t ever guarantee it won’t either completely crash windows, just spaz generally, or work fine. this apples to all the pcs I’ve ever tried it on. So how about removing the borders from the render windows, a bit like on aestesis elektronika for example. they would still be resizable.but would allow you to just resize manually to the size of the output screen or projector without there being a border round it…


not sure i get everything but…

you can remove the border of all vvvv’s windows with ctrl+8.
If i remenber well you cannot resize the window when there isn’t border…but a workaround using get/set patch must be possible.

halo casino,

you are the first to report such severe troubles with vvvvs fullscreen mode.

using a scaled up window is no general solution as this usually causes tearing and a far lower framerate.

so we should really find out what your problem is. if you could give us the hard/soft specs of your system and any special software you might be running? any desktop enhancements whateva?

yepp dx power is in fullscreen!

strange enough i get the same performance if doing a fake fullscreen - meaning covering the complete desktop and no borders on the renderer.

@casiow have a look at my modules. there’s one for scaling scaling the renderer and another one for killing the border. @woei

Thanks for the ctrl-8 tip and the modules. That was what I was looking for! Like woei I don’t see any performance difference between full screen and windowed.

Thiking about it I mainly had problems when going between different monitor + projectors, i.e. getting it working on one pc+2nd monitor, going out to gig with desktop pc, plugging into a different (borrowed) monitor at different desktop resolution and a seperate projector, and that was when the problems mainly happened.

I’ve got a feeling it’s related to using certain video clips (mainly wmv) because it usually works fine on only 3d/direct x stuff. I just did more tests and it works with mjpegs and with quicktimes. I’ve stopped using wmvs now anyway. Too many weird problems even though they seemed to be the fastest…

Also I realised that with the machines that didn’t work, I’d swapped the video card between them so they both used it. Perhaps it was related to that card (an nvidia 7900 GT). Now using a 8600 GT on this machine and it’s working better so far. will post more info if it messes about again esp when I go back to the other machine with that card in.