Fullscreen mode bug

hi guys,
when i make use of the girlpower camera controls (and i do that quite often)
and i happen to be in fullscreen mode vvvv has a nasty bug.
vvvv likes to quit the fullscreen mode after a while when i move around the camera. this is very nasty if this happens during a show…

isn’t there a way to make the fullscreen mode bulletproof?
cheers jannis

halo jannis.

strange. never heard of this problem before. i could understand this happens in dualscreenmode when you are fullscreen on the one monitor and click accidentally somewhere on the other. but in single screen mode?! the only button that could harm fullscreen is ALT but you shouldn’t use this to control the camera…

hi master joreg !
this brings us directly to next thing i was wondering about…
is there a way to disable what you just mentioned ?
if i run vvvv in fullscreen on dualscreenmode (what i do most of the time)
i really don’t want the fullscreen to cancel when i click on the desktop background !!! there is always the risk risk that i accidently hit the desktop (and then i end up with the same problem that vvvv cancels fullscreen during a show…)
a safe way to avoid that ?
cheers jannis

you’ll have to wait for the next version. for now you’ll just have to be careful.

I think the new version also introduced a new bug… I’m new to VVVV, but when I try to open a patch that I was working on it automatically opens fullscreen and I can’t find any shortcut or method to disable the fullscreen output… The output will always move to the monitor where my VVVV patches are located… Any ideas?

Edit: never mind, I’ve edited the XML file, I set fullscreen mode to 0, it still opened fullscreen, but I could just reach the patch-window from my other monitor so that I could set fullscreen to 0 from within the patch… I’d still like to know if there is any way to disable fullscreen…

right. there is a new bug. usually you should be able to Alt+Enter out of fullscreen. should be fixed with a new release.

well there are some problems with fullscreen.

one problem results outof the redundant way to store if a renderer is fullscreen or not. the renderer stores if you switched to fullscreen by hand (ALT-ENTER) and then there is also the pin. on loading sometimes the renderer gets confused.

and then there is the problem that the renderer goes fullscreen on a wrong monitor.

several of these problems will be solved in the next release. also the Device (Manual/Auto) nodes should interact better with the renderer than before.

With a manual device you can select the monitor/adapter on which the device runs. When you select this device in your renderer (pin Device) this renderer runs on the selected adapter and ghoes fullscreen on this adapter independent from the window position. could be useful sometimes.

however wait for the next release to test that stuff. it is still buggy.