Fullscreen in boygroup

Hello! We have a boygroup setup with one server and 2 clients, both of them with 2 monitors. 4 monitors should display 4 different renderers on fullscreen. It’s working fine if renderers are dragged to particular monitors manually and set to fullscreen, but we’re looking for the way how this can be done automatically. Is it possible? For now on startup every client displays only first renderer on fullscreen on it’s primary monitor.

Hello, idwyr.
Did you used boygroup client id to change fullscreen pins on renderer?

You can use window (windows) to move the renderers to the desired screens and then take them fullscreen.

I’m interested in doing this as well but since I’m new, I’m pretty lost when it comes to figuring out the Window node. Are there any examples or tutorials out there with this demonstration?

did you try the helppatch? (by highlighting the node and pressing )