Fullscreen for 3 screens

Hi, following problem. Via a graphic card tool our 1 screen is splitted in 3 screens (horizontal). Now we want our output (gdi renderer) in fullscreen mode on this 3 screens. But VVVV displays in fullscreen mode only on the one monitor (the middle monitor). We checked the backpuffer sizes. Being in non-fullscreen and making the window that it fits for the 3 screens it is ‘like’ fullscreen… but we woud prefer the fullscreen mode.
How can we do this?
Thanks, Naturetweak

halo nature.
with the gdi-renderer there is no real fullscreen mode like there is with the dx9-renderer. scaling the gdi-renderer to fullscreen is the same as alt-entering it. the dx9-renderer has an optimized fullscreen mode.

do you have a good reason for using gdi? fullscreen gdi-applications are not really recommended.

however i guess the reason for the renderer not going fullscreen on all 3 screens on alt-enter is that tool you use. it probably tells the system/vvvv that you have three seperate screens instead of one large.

I m sorry, it is the EX9-renderer.
There was a answer to my questions but now it disappeared. Yes, it is the Matrox TripleHead2Go-Card. I tried some other programms with fullscreen mode. Some are splitted in 3 screen, other have the same problem like vvvv.

@joreg. same thing here. just a grey ex9 renderer or general unstable behaviour. dualhead works fine. ampop tried with different graphic cards (nvidia and ati).

we can send you a couple of tripleheads which we cant use at the moment?


seems to me like a problem with atis cards/drivers:
check matrox’ th2go site for compatible cards/resolutions in 3d-mode. nvidia cards seem better off.

my firegl card works with the triplehead2go upto the advertised resolution of 2400x600. an nvidia 6800 goes fullscreen with 3840x1024 without problems.

joreg: triplehead2go didn’t work with ati nor nvidia, when I tested it. To get it into fullscreen was possible, but then vvvv dind’t update the renderers. Have u tried it with an animation?

jes. i tried with a simple animation. what cards exactly did you test? (recent drivers installed?)

Oh balls, I’ve just ordered a triple head,
Should have searched here first shouldnt I!

Whats that
My doorbell, whoes at the door but mister triple head!
I shall report back in bit!


Catweasel update #1

Works fine with my shuttle, AMD Dualcore, Nvidia 6600, only tried gfx, not avi’s yet, but works ok, I’ll try my macbook next and let you know!