Fullscreen bug

I I am having a problem when I make the a renderer go to fullscreen on a second display, the display goes black and the another renderer on my laptop goes completely gray, then if I go out of fullscreen mode they are both still gray and black. Anyone know an easy fix for this?


ai kitw…

is that probably involving an older graphic card, old drivers or other strange hardware? open a Renderer (TTY) before going fullscreen to see if you get more information on the problem.

yes it is a macbook pro with Bootcamp 3.0 running windows XP

gotcha. sory. cant help then. its most likely a driver problem. maybe anyone else with such a setup knows more.

it would be cool if you could tell us more about the generation & specifications of the macbook pro you are using… for all the vvvv-users with buying intentions like me :P

yep its a 2.66 unibody macbook pro , but I have also having the same problems on an older macbook pro.