Full Tablet Support

vvvv supports a lot of exotic inputhardware but no graphic tablets…

a node for graphic tablets with full support of pressure, tilting, tool id, buttons etc. would be very very very cool.

i looked for software that supports tablets and send the data via osc. there are plugins for pd and max but they stop pulling data from the tablet if their windwos arent activated which is very anoying.

maybe its possible to write a standalone tablet2osc app?

nice idea, basically a node should be doable.

Perhaps someone would be interested in sponsoring development?

Wintab is the industry standard for acquiring data from a graphics tablet on Intel machines and has been the standard for a number of years.


or how about a general activeX / COM wrapper node? How possible would that be? While I understand the general direction of VVVV is not to specialize in the Wintel route, wouldn’t it buy us much extended functionality at relatively little cost? like the: VBTablet - a WinTab Tablet API wrapper

addendum: i like this site.
one day hopefully they’ll sell a digitizer the size of a room. I’d want one.

I am currently working on a Tablet node using a version of VBTablet compiled for .NET. It’s quite straightforward and coming along nicely.

Pressure, tilting/azimuth, tool ID (not unique/physical ID for now), buttons (not ExpressKeys) all work flawlessly (tested on Wacom Intuos3). If there are any specific feature requests I’d love to hear them. In any case I will publish this plugin soon as free software.

Cool, finally someone did this!

i tested a few plugins for pd and max, they all needed a focus on a special drawing window, which didnt work for me cause i needed focus on vvvv… is that the case with vbtablet for .net too?

and does it support multiple inputdevices at once?

lookin forward for your plugin!

It works as long as any vvvv window has focus, with output coordinates relative to the entire tablet.

There’s no support for multiple devices because I don’t own multiple devices to experiment with. Also, sadly, there’s no support for the really cool Wacom extensions like ExpressKeys, touch strips, or dual track (cursor mask) because I couldn’t figure out how to access them with VBTablet.

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