Full HD codec on Aspire Revo Nvidia Ion

Hi guys,
I’ve been fighting for 3 days to play a Full HD video on my Acer Aspire Revo with the NVidia ION chipset. I’ve tried mp2, mp4, h264, wmv. I’ve managed to play some movies smoothly with media player classic home cinema (dxva), but it seems even if you set the right codecs with gspot, vvvv doesn’t choose the same filter graph. For exemple, I’ve not managed to play any mp2 in vvvv on this machine (vista).
I have created the patch on a Core 2 quad 8800GTS with windows XP, and every thing is running smoothly.
Do you think the Revo is not powerfull enough to play HD via vvvv (filestream>videoout)?

HI! You have to try M-Jpeg and win 7 on that :;]
Can’t wait to lay my hands on of that pice of crap!
Anything to review?


Finally, I’m streaming .wmv in half resolution (1440x540).
But when I want to trigger sounds (.wav), i’ve got a small lag in the video.
I’m going to investigate…

I have finally used a FileStream(Bass) node, because I’ve seen in the TTY Renderer that the regular FileStream(DShow9) was creating connection for each .wav I was playing.