FugStream Patchbox anyone?

Hi mighty repository of knowledge
Has anybody used either the FreeFrame plugin Patchbox or fugStream(send/recieve?)
I’m trying to stream video from one computer to many (multicast) but the documentation at the plugin’s server is missing (the server is down).

If so can you post some pointers on how to get it to work?



i tried it some time ago with patchbox and it worked. the thing was only that the patchbox-receiver node, although it is a video-source on its own needed to have a VideoInput or FileStream node connected in vvvv because of vvvvs missing implementation of freeframe sources.

Thanks Joreg.
That kind of made it work, got it sending and actually receiving but nothing is actually playing. I must be doing something really wrong. I’m going to post a bounty for this


PatchBox 1.0 is deprecated. See VideoStreaming.