FTIR bar help

Hello I am working on an FTIR bar for my living room…i almost have the hardware finished and I was wondering if anyone could direct me to any pre-made patches/modules so i can do visuals similar to the meso progress bar(i.e. the waves with the particles)? Im sorry if this is a dumb question or its in the wrong section…im new…any help is greatly appreciated!

What is a FTIR Bar??

Just browse through all our Userpages and see what people have posted!! (Tonflim posted a particvle patch) And look at the girlpower folder, change some values, and call them your own!!

yea, all you need is here, but you have to put it together yourself. if you want the patch from the project, you need some money ;)

“What is an FTIR Bar??”

it is an inexpensive DIY capable multi touch surface…here is a link with some description…


"yea, all you need is here, but you have to put it together yourself. "

cool thats all i needed to know!
much appreciated!

WOW!! A step by step tutorial :) Sweeeeet!!! :) Hope they finish it soon :) What you use for controll software?? And if vvvv, what shader is suited for this task??

Have fun patching for that thing, sounds cool!!

my understanding is that vvvv uses the reflected IR picked up by an IR camera as input…


im still working on my screen and the rest of my hardware setup…ive barely just scratched the surface of vvvv but here is a guy that is building one and he is using vvvv…he has gotten pretty far along. just dig through his blog there is alot of useful info there…

here a few more links for info ive gotten together on the subject…

this is the guy that made one of the first diy ftir screens for a school project…its what got everyone interested in doing it themselves:


this guy has some pretty in depth instructions on what you need and how to build a ftir screen…

he also has his own control library for it…

i also really recommend checking out the mindmap he has made for it…

the midmap:

the midmap reader:

hope this helps!

thanks for those very informative links…

surrounding them with brackets will make active links… :)

assimilat, you posted a lot of links there but are you a member of the multitouch community?

We hang out alot on #ftir on irc.freenode.net and http://www.nuigroup.com/ (currently a forum, but blogs and wiki are being added), hope to see you there :)