FromSharedTexture stutter

I am wondering why a shared texture from an other instance is stuttering. Is there any trick to get a smooth readout? Really wondering how this works and what is causing this.
I see no problems in the help patch running in the same instance. When sharing between 2 vvvv instances and both have some cpu load, the shared texture is not smooth. It is super smooth on the sharing side but stutters at the receiver. both patches run 60fps with a filtered mainloop.

From my understanding there should be no issue with this. The sharing patch runs smooth and i can see a smooth animation, so the texture in the gpu memory must be fine and up to date right? Why is the receiving side not able to get the texture from the gpu memory. Does it need to copy the data, is there cpu involved in this? i am very curious how this works.

Don’t know if/how this relates to your problem, but from my understanding (iirc vux told me once) the Mainloop node shouldn’t be used to throttle the FPS (when using DX11 in beta). Instead set it to a higher multiple of your desired framerate Raw (like for example 180 in your case) and set VSync to true, so the GFX can run as fast as possible.

For DX9 I remember a similar issue. There you could workaround it by connecting a Pipet to the texture and something like a Damper to the Pipet output to force evaluation.

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Yes i am always setting the mainloop higher and use vsync. just wanted to make clear the patches are running “stable”, so there is no issue with super heavy load or even frame dropping. without vsync i am getting > 100fps.

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