From Max/msp to 4V using OSC, what/where is the osc address?


I have been trying to send parameter information from Max/MSP to vvvv using OSC. I am having a little trouble understanding how to specify the address to identify specific parameter information sent from Max, what is the osc address? where do I get it from?
I can send OSC Information such as bang, int, float or list and receive it as a raw UDP stream but I assume without a correct osc address to decode OSCdecoder cannot function and turn this into useful data. At its simplest I am trying to send float information from a slider in MAX to 4V. Any help would be most welcome.


Think I have now worked this out now for anyone with this problem. In Max/MSP you must insert a message box to prepend any float, integer, list etc. the message should take the form of ‘/filter $1’ in Max, the $1 allowing a variable input from your data source. On the 4V side, the address ‘/filter’ will then allow the info through the decoder.