Freeze on a filetexture

when i load a directory with any images i have a freeze in the renderer.
what is the solution ?

other question : all filetexture are stored in the video ram. what’s happend when the memory is full ?

thanks you

in the Dir node you can set a filemask like *.jpg.

if videomemory is full images directx (the 3d-api vvvv is based on) takes care of loading/unloading images to and from videomemory as they are needed to render the scene. if you exceed your vid-mem you’ll probably notice a performance loss.

to extend that answer…
swapping video ram to main ram works reasonable well on fast cards - but
if your main memory is full, windows takes care to swap you memory out to disk. this will be painfully slow, but will work up until you used up your 2gb virtual memory limit. after more than 2gb vvvv will fail miserably.

i can increase video ram in changing the agp texture size value in bios.
but i dont test if i have good performance.

use .dds textures with prerendered mipmaps. otherwise directx generates them each time you load them. which can cause your freezes.

or just preload them in the beginning of your patch…