Freeze even though load in background

Some people are reporting that the new FileTexture feature “Load in Background” does not work and vvvv keeps freezing while loading textures. I prepared a little test-patch. Maybe you can try and tell us your findings. If the load in background feature works correctly the lower bar in the renderer should not stutter while loading/unloading textures.


FreezeTest.v4p (10.8 kB)

stutters when switching back to file texture
tried this with 2 directories one 150 files, one 5 files.
seems to need the same time.

the very first trigger to load causes a small stutter. then the textures load smoothly one after another. but it could also be the destruction of the textures…

This quite strange, the first time I ran the patch I’ve been working on recently, the texture loading froze the output, now after rebooting etc they load in the background. Most odd!
Im getting quite a lot of other spurious errors that I havent tracked down yet though, its going to take some debugging to get it running in beta 13 I think!

getting little freezes every time a new texture is loaded, and a bigger one when unloading all at the same time…

i still suspect than “Load in Background” does not necessarily mean “Unload in Background”. Actually loading is is an important first step, but this feature alone it will not fully satisfy most of our users…

A little stuttering is noticeable. Anyway, this is a great improvement for my application. Thanks for this feature.

You seem to have introduced a bug however. It is not possible to load a spread of more than 49 filenames into FileTexture with beta13. It now just stops with the 49th and leaves the remaining quads blank.

the 49files bug should be fixed with beta13.1