Freelancer to run an existing patch for a musical Band touring in the USA March April 2022

“Niyaz” is an electronic Acoustic Band that tours frequently in the USA, Canada and Europe. We are looking for someone to immediately join the group to tour in the USA in March/April of 2022. The patch already exists and is relatively simple to run, but it does require someone with knowledge of V4. There is room for creativity too.

Job Description:

Requirements are:

  • Good knowledge of V4, and infrared Cameras
  • Some stage lighting experience
  • Must be willing to learn the existing patch written in V4
  • Rehearse with the group a few days prior to the first show
  • Must be able to travel in the USA

Show Responsibilities:

  1. Set up: Computer connection to the projector/Monitor/infrared Camera
  2. Move and adjust the corner points on the projector
  3. Collaborate the IR camera exposure and the sound input so that the visuals would react properly
  4. Scale all the visuals to fit the stage (There is a UI for scaling everything over all as well as a micro x/y for each individual element)

Here is a link to the teaser for the show: Niyaz- "Shir Ali Mardan (Song of a warrior)" The Fourth Light Immersive Multimedia Experience - YouTube

Artist fee:

Concerts in USA and Canada: Based on qualification

Additional Workshops: $100 - $150 for one hour

Perdiem, Hotel, Flights and local transportation.

Rehearsal: required


March 18-20 AZ (USA)
March 29 - 31 QC (Canada)
April 1 - 10 PA, NY, IL (USA)

If you are interested contact me at