how do i draw freehand without having the first and last point connected?

i’ve tried using salesman with queue to draw, then a few things including getsice to ignore the first and last point, but then, of course the second to first and second to last points connect…

please help me… i just want to draw lovely little dogs and stuff to make the audiences happy. I’m using the attractor so that i can make his tail wag as well. he also sniffs a mans crotch using the same method.

i’ve tried using point but it looks rubbish.

what about drawing by dont clearing the renderer and distort it after as texture ?

thanks again tonfilm but i don’t think that’d work…

point will still look rubbish with clear turned off, and line will still connect the first and last points.
i really like the attractor effect, too and don’t know of anything that would look similar on a gdi layer?

is there no node that is called ‘draw freehand without connecting 1st and last points’ or something like that?


hi vincent.
i’m not sure wether this one (or a part of this one) fits your needs.
just have a look…

david (9.2 kB)

heres another one based on directx. you can do several strokes with just one ropeobject by setting the alpha channel in a smart way…

still buggy (probably troubles with wrong used framedelays for setting the alpha channel). can somone figure this out?

i added a attractor node to show you where to place it.

drawing3.v4p (18.1 kB)

oh thank you so much chaps! as you can see i was starting to panic… this is only one of many problems and i tour in a few days. it’s mid-day and i still haven’t slept. anywho…

thanks for your sketchpad david, it was along the same lines as i was thinking with a few complexities i wouldn’t have managed.

elektromeier - this is amazing, quite simple but works so well. except it has one problem (davids patch also suffered with this) - it seemed to work perfectly until i connected the mouse x and y pins to the attractor nodes x and y pins, when a line appears between the last co-ordinate of drawing before i raised the pen (i’m using a wacom) to the current co-ordinate - but only when the pen is down.

does anybody know how to solve this?

this is what i did when i thought it was working properley

this is me finding out that it doesn’t:

this is really strange… it just happens when the mouse xy coordinates are used as attractor… with any other coordinates this doesnt happen…

btw it isnt the release of mousebutton that make this unwanted line disappear. you can release the mousebutton and this line stays until the mousecoordinates are changing… hmmm

mh when theres a slight offset to the mousecoordinates (means that the attractor center doesnt lie exactly on the mousepointer) that doesnt happen.
just add some offset with the + node…

i dont understand exactly whats happening in my patch, i still think its that framedelay stuff…

i love you.

i mean… that’s perfect, thanks so much - it is really strange isn’t it. but not a problem - all good!!

much obliged.