Freeframe implementation in vvvv


at first - i recently discovered vvvv and i am shocked about its possibilities ;)

secons - its great to have freeframe supported (vvvv extended specification rocks) but why there is no support for multiple-input FF plugins? is there any plans regarding that issue?

thanks for reply in advance…

halo vvarp.

i fear i have to shock you once more. um…multiple inlets are not yet planned for the freeframes. one day for sure. but don’t expect anything soon.

its just that it was not so easy to code in the first place. but interesting it is of course.

but don’t expect anything soon.

hah - so its time to update my old gf4 mx440 and see why everybody here talks about pixelshaders :)

yesterday i bought ps2.0 capable card and now i see why such thing as better ff support is not necceesary in vvvv! :D … too much new things to learn…