FreeFrame FugStream


I need to do some video steaming with vvvv, and I’d like to ask some questions to Fugstream masters (ales9000, joreg, colorsound, and anyone who used it)

There are some other topics related but lots of questions remain.

I am using last version of the plugin and the demo patchs from VideoStreaming

I got the streaming working localy with MEM and TCP.
I got the streaming working over internet with TCP.
But UDP doesn’t work for me.

  1. Since UDP seems to be the best choice for networking, did someone make it work ?

  2. I need to send the same stream to different computers, any idea ?

  3. Going fullscrean makes the streaming stop. Did someone find a solution for that ?(see related topic)

thank you very much

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jep, there seems to be a problem with udp, as i also noted on the VideoStreaming page.

are you sending and receiving with vvvv? then you may want to try another option:


not sure though about the implications when you do this via the internet. firewalls, routers,…