Freeframe examples

I’ve tried some freeframe examples (Contour fining etc.) and did some debugging. It seems that the instantiate and deinstantiate methods are called several times. Has anyone any idea why in plugMain the function code is FF_INSTANTIATE several times?

ja, this would be due to the initialization of the underlaying directshow-graph going in several steps. could maybe be optimized. but wasn’t a problem so far. whats the problem for you?

Ok. I don’t know if it’s really related to multiple instantiations (shouldn’t be), but I get an error in one of my constructors, when I attempt to load 4 images from HD (Application Data folder). More precisely, loading the first image works fine, where the other three fail, and in the next instantiation call even the first image doesn’t load (I’m using cvLoadImage of OpenCV).

nkay…but this sounds then rather like as if you are not freeing resources correctly in the de-instantiation routine?

note that every call to initialize should have a corresponding call to deinitialize and every call to instantiate should have a corresponding call to deinstantiate where you should free resources you’ve created earlier. are you doing this?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m freeing all my resources. The problem was due to some OpenCV calls. I used image depths or color channels other than required by the OpenCV specification.

oui. thanks for reporting that back.