Freeframe errors

Hi all,

I keep getting an annoying exception error whenever I try to use any of the patches in the freeframe folder.

I am using 25.1 and windows 7 Pro.

I dont have a webcam but I do have a kinect connect on the PC.

I am opening the contour help patch, nothing works and if I try to double click on it it gives me an unhandled exception (look at picture)

I tried opening vvvv as admin and then run the patches, but I do get the same problem.

I have not installed OpenCV, as I read somewhere the required dlls are already included in the release. Am I wrong?

Any ideas?

helo doros,

would be great if you could join irc to talk about this. else wait and see if it works with upcomming betas>25.1

it works for me on 25.1, windows xp 32bit.
one thing to try is creating a Renderer (TTY) before doing anything else, then seeing if there’s some useful debug info.