Freeframe Contour vs. OpenCV Contour?

knows anyone what is the different between the freeframe Contour and
the OpenCV Contour node


well, the freeframe one only works with DShow9 video as input while the opencv one comes with elliot’s image pack and needs one of its sources. also i cannot say if their signature (inputs, outputs) are identical ie their functionality may slightly differ. does that help?

ok, that means the based algorithm is the same, only that elliot`s image pack comes with some additional image adjustment functions?

hm…thats not what i said… here are the sources of both for you to compare:


I’m also interested. Anyone tested/compare performance/speed?

@DiMiX: +1

elliots stuff is running in a different thread, so it will have (a lot) less impact on the vvvv mainloop.