Freeframe Contour -> draw objects


I’m using the Freeframe Contour node to track contours. It serves a spread of x/y-coordinates of the outline of the tracked objects.

Now I have 2 problems:

1. How can I draw a surface based on these coordinates?

2. If there is more than 1 object to be tracked, how can I distinguish between the different objects?

The approaches until now:

1. I was able to draw something like an outline based on triangles (based on the “Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join)” helppatch). Not successful at all ;-)

2. The Contour node outputs the Contour’s BinSize, which contains the number of coordinates of every single object. So I know the number and their x/y-coordinates of all points every single object consists of. Is this a good way to start? And if so, how to handle the values?

Thanks a lot!!

Yeah, question 1 seems to be solved!

After repeatedly searching the vvvvorums I found a solution by joreg. And there is joreg’s patch
This one seems to work perfectly, thanks!

I am also wondering how I can draw a shape out of vectors.