Freeframe ColorTracker - track multiple sources?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to track glow sticks using the freeframe ColorTracker.

Problem: ColorTracker only tracks 1 color each.
Example: If there are 3 red glow sticks, they are recognized as 1 big red light source.

What I’d like to achieve is to get to know that there are 3 different red glow sticks.

This probably won’t work, if the sticks are too close to each other, but if there is enough space in between, this should be possible!?

Can you plz give me a hint how to achieve this?

PS: Attached my test-patch (based on vladimir’s patch).

tracklight.v4p (108.7 kB)

mkay… i guess that may then not be possible with the current implementation of the colortracker.

have you tried the Contour tracker instead?

Hi joreg,

thanks for the hint!
During the last hours I experimented with the Contour tracker. The results so far are much better than I expected!

But there are 2 big problems I don’t know how to deal with:

  1. The glow sticks emit light to the bodies of the “users”. I think I can handle this using threshold of Contour. But the projection screen emits quite a lot of light, too. I’m afraid this is gonna be a major problem. (I’m gonna build a test setup tomorrow)

  2. How can I recognize different colors? If I got it right, Contour converts the input into grayscale during processing?