Free tool for editing 3d models?

Can anybody recommend a free tool that outputs geometry I can load into vvvv (I guess using the xfile node). I’m just starting with 3d modeling so sorry if it’s a newbie question.

Also, does anyone have an example of texturing a dynamic mesh? E.g. I want to take live video and put it onto a mesh that is deformed according to the brightness.


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we have something in the links section:
3d modelling stuff

i use Wings for modelling and export it as wavefront .obj file. then i create texture coordinates with a handy function from AccuTrans and convert it to .x with AccuTrans. these two little apps are absolute sufficient for me. if you are looking for a more advanced all in one solution, try Blender.

Awesome, thanks!

‘then i create texture coordinates with a handy function from AccuTrans’

which function ? :)

if you have an object open in AccuTrans, you see the menu option ‘Tools’ there select ‘Create UV Coordinates’. now you can open an example texture to see the mapping and choose between three mapping styles ‘Planar’, ‘Cylindrical’ and ‘Spherical’. you can even create vertex normals for shading. when you are ready press the button save ‘option’ and make sure you select DirectX (Binary)(*.x) as file format and that the checkboxes for UV and Vertex Normals are on.

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he tonfilm,

thanx for ur help


the results are far from satisfying. objects i have created using ur method react totally weird to light. (using phong shader) furthermore why did u choose binary? i checked the softcube xfile which comes with v4 and this is ascii. the softcube file always worked , no weird stuff happening. well exporting the wing3d stuff into ascii didn’t solve the problem.

maybe u can have a look at the x file.

cube.x (733 Bytes)

…forget it :) …i’m gonna use cinema which outputs perfect x files which instantly work for me.

ok, found the bug, the cube has no normals, so the shading cannot work. tex coords are also missing. try again to save it, and dont forget to press the green OK button after generating the normals and texture coordinates …

the binary format is smaller and loads faster …

…the binary/ascii thing i do understand but i just can’t a proper x file out of accu-trans. i pressed the ok (setting to planar) and created normals but now the object doesn’t appear in v4 at all. mmmm it’s probably a combination of me doing something wrong and the weird accu trans interface ;)

I’m not familiar with accu-trans but maybe the normals need flipping?