FrameDelay critical issue

Hi Guys

long time no talks) how are you?
FrameDelay bug here

the patch attached, please run root.v4p
until Evaluate sub.v4p, FramedDelay in root should not working (at least not working for us)

Best (3.3 kB)

Same here. VVVV throws exceptions as long as the subpatch is not evaluated.

vvvv.exe-exception-2016-05-20.log (23.4 kB)

is this not a bug but a feature?

is this not a bug?

ai bo, there was no time yet to investigate this. we’ll get back to you as soon as we know more.

hi Andrey,
sorry for the delay. thanks for the report. please try latest alpha.

hi Sebastian

yep! works here with latest alphas both x86 and x64. Thank you, guys!