Frame sync with VLC using pipet

Hi guys

Im using VLC for most of the video things, because is so much easier. you just put any video anyone gives you (almost) and it plays…

So this is workaround for the frame bug in libvlc ( )

we put in the video a coding to see what of 25 frames of a second is, compare, and sync with that. For bigger difference we can use the video position or frame position.

what do you think ?

For me at least it seems to be working. I want to test it in bigger situations, network computers, etc. for now it’s really simple, but is to show the idea

Hey manuel, nice idea, as alejando said, this is already use in Tv
i made another patch with a time enconde / decode in binary
im using 18 bits, to have 3 groups of 0-63 possible values, this will work for MM:SS:Frames

video timecode (67.4 kB)