Frame rate drops when applying textures

hello, i’ve been using vvvv for a few weeks now, and everything seems dandy, except for one little big issue i’ve been having: whenever i attempt to apply a texture (e.g. Lava) to, let’s say, a quad, vvvv seems to take a dive in performance, with FFT values jerking and stuttering. the dive in performance seems to affect my whole computer, specially any other graphics heavy application.

here are some more details:

the patch i’m working on, relies almost completely on FFT, so i’m using traktor and virtual audio cable to feed the FFT input. whenever i apply a semi-complex texture, like lava or plasma to a 2d geometry, the performance issues stated above, begin to happen immediately

i’ve recreated the scenario without opening traktor, and nothing changes. i also tried starting from scratch both in dx9 and dx11.

any clues?

thanks for reading till here

I forgot to post my specs:

AMD Athlon II x2 250 @ 3 GHz
8 Gb RAM
Radeon HD 6570 1 GB
GeForce 8600 GT 1 GB

Windows 8.1

posting ur patch might help. make sure u are ussing ur radeon HD card, since 8600 is rather old, not sure it gonna handle dx11, and if u have both card installed same time might also cause issue

hi antokhio, thanks for replying.

at first i thought it might be dx11 the culprit, but i recreated the scenario in both dx9 and dx11 with identical results.

i think i might remove the second gpu, but i tried this scenario just disabling the second screen, and with the renderer in windowed mode. should that do the trick? or do i have to disable the card or even physically remove it from the mobo?

here’s the patch i’ve been using. (86.7 kB)

AS soon as you described your problem I imagined what it was. It used to happend to me a lot. If you look closely, youll notice that you are outputtin from fft directly to the lava. FFT is a 255 slices spread. so… basically you are creating 255 layers of lava. Pretty heavy load…
you should either resample or unzip that spread so you only work with only one value.
Beside that I recomend you the [SplitAudio Analysis](SplitAudio Analysis) wich resolves various FFT analysis related issues. (the “energy” pin out is quite cool)

Let me know how did you do!

Heres is my sugestion:

Sugestion_problematik.v4p (32.0 kB)

great man, that did the trick.

i look at the patch you provided and it has a lot of useful ways of doing things, so i’m learning a lot by analyzing it.

funny thing: the AudioAnalysis node it’s red, but it seems to be working properly.