Fourrooms with viewport?

here’s my sketch for recreating the FourRooms (VVVV) module.

Lines dont seem to work with it (which means the outlines of the viewports are currently drawn with wireframed quads)

please have a look and make suggestions, then will put up on svn (if i can remember my use details…oh useless me)

the main advantage is that all 4 viewports come up in 1 renderer. so it’s pretty easy to fullscreen that renderer, resize it, change settings for it. also the renderer is outside of the module, so you can do whatever you want with it without affecting the module.

side node: this uses the standard Camera (SoftImage) module, which isn’t very multiscreen friendly. i’d suggest hacking the Cycle/NoCycle mouse thing out of it if you want to use multiscreen setups, else you’ll find your mouse moving back to your main screen whenever you click a button.

FourRooms (EX9).zip (3.1 kB)

anyone try this out?

i’m stumped about how to label the viewports
the only thing that i can think of is to use a shader for the labels, which references the viewport index and looks up from a texture with all the labels in (shifts tex coords depending on which viewport is rendering the shader).

anyone had any other problems with using viewports in this way?

does anyone use fourrooms anyway?

hi sugokuGENKI what,s up ¡

i just tried your module , not sure what it should do , but i think , at first impresion it seem that the 4 viewports should move when moving the camera , only part up left changes the rest stay static , maybe i,m missing a subpatch or shader somewhere ?


hey colorsound

thanks for having a look
check FourRooms (VVVV) module that comes with V4 as standard
it should do the same thing as that (top, side, front, camera views in 4 viewports)