Four VideoIn Capture

I currently have a capture card in my PC with four available video ports. There are two cameras plugged in to the capture card. I am having problems showing both the video streams at once. The first VideoIn node lets lets me show the first video stream no problem, when I make a second VideoIn node and try to show the second video stream I can select the driver, but not a second Analog video input, so nothing shows up.

Are there any tips on how to get multiple video streams working from one capture card, or will I have to invest in a more expensive video capture card?!

well it must be a driver problem i think
i use an ivc capture card and with it the videoin node’s rightmost pin allows selecting any of the 4 inputs
try it with the btwincap driver

which card are you using? are you sure it supports 4 simultanious inputs? many cards have 4 inputs but you can switch between them. real 4input cards are typically more expensive.

After more research I think the cards I have at the moment are quite basic, so I’ve ordered a more powerful one that will definitely do the job.

My new capture card appears to only work with the software supplied by the manufacturer (when I look in the device manager the driver appears in it’s own folder called “sharebit” - not under sound, video, games controllers).

Could someone please recommend a capture card that will simultaneously receive four inputs in to VVVV? I’m looking at various cards in the capture card section of the wiki (, but would like someone’s advice who is using one!

I don’t really want to spend more than £100 if it can be avoided…

Eisgasse is successfully using a quattro falcon express by IDS imaging

i know about IVC-100 (around 70 euro) or IVC-200 (around 120 euro)
both have 4 inputs, the 100 can capture 320x240 25 fps on all 4 inputs simultaneusly, the 400 can do it at 768x576 but its interlaced at this rez - as all analog capture cards are


A short note for other people buying capture cards. In my experience cheap capture cards designed for CCTV use will not work in VVVV. They are designed to work solely with the software provided with the card.

Other ways of capturing multiple analog video inputs could be to use multiple one channel cards and possibly combine with a USB video stick (very cheap now, obviously not best quality picture).

i have successfully used some Videum 4400 by Winnov.