Former Slice Select

I’m trying to rebuild this beta patch in gamma, but I’m missing the former slice pin in the select in gamma?
Select_Beta.v4p (4.0 KB)
Select_Gamma.vl (7.6 KB)

In vl the MultiFlipFlop does what you are trying to patch. look inside to see how its done…


There is a MultiFlipFlop (Spectral) in VL.Addons that should do what you are trying to achieve.

ah ok, I had only seen the normal multiflop, thanks for the tip with the addons

when i look into the two nodes, they look the same to me, where is the difference in the sepectral?

The “normal” node has the Set pin configured as Pin Group.

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this is from a time when there was no cache region, today it can be simplified and it would be more efficient.