Former posts (legacy website) are uneditable

ok, just tried to edit a post in one of my recents threads but that was denied due to lack of privileges. let’s see if i can edit this one …

to waste your time if this problem didn’t persist

line two.

edit: seems like legacy posts aren’t editable

hey patrick, problem confirmed, can’t seem to find the source of it at the moment though. maybe tomorrow and a bit more awake than now :) Thanks for reporting for now.

thanks for caring, mate, and enjoy a well deserved break!

Hello patrick, your report is not forgotten, but I’m having a hard time figuering out why this isn’t working. I think I’ll treat this as low priority for now. Is there any reason you wanted to change an old post for? I could fix that for you if it is important.

danke david, nothing important, i only wanted to make an url look nicer :)

dänx for caring!