ForEach region inspection


In the ForEach regions, is there a way to inspect what is happening with other values than the first spread?



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You need to send it out of the ForEach region through the bottom splicer and create an IO box for that. Then you will be able to see again every slice of your spread.

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I was thinking more in term of UI.
In my example, it’s quite simple, but sometimes a ForEach region can contain many IOboxes, and it starts to be difficult to figure out what’s happening in the region.

For example in “Example Branching.v4p”
When you inspect any pin, that gives you only the values of the first slice.

So, yes, we can just plug things out through the bottom splicer, but I was wondering if there is something more direct to inspect these regions.

Something like “Ctl+Shift+MiddleMouseDrag” to scroll between different slices while hovering an IOBox or a pin, or a slicer (in that case that would affect the display of the whole region).

Ah, thanks for the clarification, I don’t know if there is a way to inspect the spreads inside of the loops. But if there is one, I’d also be curious to know.

unfortunately this is not yet possible. but note that even in your example it would be perfectly fine to pipe out the desired via two splicers and then see all results of all iterations at once. if you’re only interested in selected ones, you can still GetSlice them. so yes, a missing ui feature, but for many cases actually quick to work around.

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